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 WOLF Welcome device Shop Store Home Welcome Chime Wireless Infrared IR Motion Sensor Door bell Alarm Entry Doorbell


Wireless Door Bell Guest Welcome Chime Alarm PIR Motion Sensor For Shop Home Hotel Entry Security Doorbell Infrared Detector with Original retail box 

Note 1:

JYX-1 is with Chinese Greeting text.

Pls check it clear before you buy .

Note 2:

Dear friend 

the welcom chime bell is with power adapter .

.Lowest price with good quality and short processing time .

what are you waiting for ? Just buy it .


Item specifications:
* Power supply : DC 9-15V (battery not included)
* Detection range: 4-8 m 
* Volume: 4 levels adjustable (Can't adjust volume at alarm mode) 
* Induction method : infrared sensor triggered 
* 3 modes: Voice Alarm Music,at "Voice" mode: Human voice,dingdong,ninhao,huan ying guang ling;at "Alarm"mode: keeps you aware of intruders;at "Music" mode: just as a doorbell,with 32 music to welcome your guests 
* Ambient temperature/humidity :. -10  -40  5% -95% RH 
* Detection Angle: Horizontal Angle of 110 degrees, vertical Angle of 15 degrees 
* The main function: Automatic body sensing , ultra-long , wide-angle detection. Adjustable direction (with stand). Host built-in speakers, alarm loudness of 75-95 db 
* Installation : No need professional personnel, easy to install yourself 
* Installation height: 1.5m-2.5m 
* Music: 32 music and vocals optional 
* Size: Height 7.5cm Width 8cm , thickness 4.5 cm (with base - base can be flat or fixed on top) 
* Battery: 3 x AAA batteries (batteries are not included)
Package content 
1*White Welcome Alarm ( with retail box )
1* adapter
Design one JYX-1 :
welcome alarm (3)welcome alarm (7)welcome alarm (1)
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