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Body Liposuction Machine Powerful Slimming

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Body Liposuction Machine Powerful Slimming Belt Shake Instrument to Reduce Belly Fat Burning



Body Liposuction Machine Powerful Slimming Belt Shake Instrument to Reduce Belly Fat Burning


Product Description:

VE configuration inside box 2 for patches, buy now in 8 to patch, equipped with 10 to patch.

Brief introduction of VE
VE is not a traditional power plate, the effect is 10 times of the traditional power plate! A new generation of power plate, the American technology, ultra-quiet, let our muscles voluntary movement! Lazy? Let it help you exercise!
1, VE sports beauty machine is a new science and technology, green fitness products, sports fitness of science, more healthy.
2, microcomputer chip highly integrated, various intelligent model, the function is strong.
3, VE movement thin body is 360 ° model body, the effect is more comprehensive, accurate and fast.
4, easy toning anytime and anywhere, no longer dry, easy to adhere to. VE let you on the most healthy sport which sport which lean principles make you lying down, read a book, get to the Internet are constantly in motion.
'VE' is the perfect combination of technology and sports
1. The principle of reducing weight painted painted painted painted painted advanced degrees
Processor with the microcomputer control, can produce need not frequency and intensity of biological pulse, the pulse wave can stimulate the body's motor nerve, the muscle contractions produce fat quickly, and rapid burning fat, under the effect of its volatility, the fat layer friction, combustion, decomposition, constantly consume excess calories
2. Safe and reliable health u u u u u
More healthy, more green healthy way, don't need other ways to exercise need time-consuming, also won't increase the burden of kidney liver like oral products
3. Exercise for weight loss fat quantity u u u u u
Do an hour of yoga can consume about 200 calories, and with the body exercise machine can consume about 1100 calories quantity of heat, heat the equivalent of three bowls of rice
Functional features
1. To the human body without any side effects, will not become dependent
2. 6 groups of different shape meditation design way
3. Soft start design
4. 8 intensity is adjustable
5. A built-in timer, the instrument work will automatically shut down after 15 minutes
6. Standby state, the instrument will automatic shutdown after 20 seconds
Five advantages:
1. Sports massage reduced fat shape multi-usage
2.360 ° no dead Angle directional light fat
3. Easy to use anytime and anywhere, easy to carry
4. Safety and health without side effects
5. Professional fast long stay in shape


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