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Foldable Multipurpose Microfiber Ceiling Fan Duster - (1 Piece)

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Along with the lightweight extension pole Extend and Fold easily to the maximum length Along with the lightweight extension pole, you’ll be able to reach all of those tricky high to reach places without using a ladder or a step stool. Why you need Chenille Microfiber Duster? The dust in your home contains remnants of toxic chemicals and potentially even heavy metals. Household dust also contains bacteria, fungi and dust mite (insect) particles, all known to trigger allergies. The debris left behind by dust mites can actually trigger powerful allergic reaction, especially for your most vulnerable family members, the youngest. Big microfiber duster will effectively trap the potentially toxic dust in a fraction of time, keeping your home clean and allergen-free. fan cleaning brush with long rod automatic machine Bendable Duster Head Big microfiber head can rotate, bend and lock at multiple angles. Whether it's behind the television, under the couch, on top of the cabinets, atop ceiling fan blades, or in between the appliances, the Pure Care microfiber duster can effortlessly reach into all of these challenging, hard to get to, hidden areas around your home. Microfiber Chinelle Duster Expansion Duster Head Hand wash with warm or low heat water! Rotate the pole let the microfiber be fluffy. Place in ventilated place to dry. Electrostatic Adsorb Microfibers become electro statically charged with use, thus attracting more dust. Get rid of dust, pollen, animal hairs and all bad particles that can affect your health in a bad way.

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